cme bitcoin futures expiry date

cme bitcoin futures expiry date

In addition, based on the 30 minucme bitcoin futures expiry datete cycle transaction monitoring, 205 large orders were purchased within 24 hours, accounting for 53.81%; 150 large orders were sold, accounting for 39.37%.

On December 14, equilibrium of Boca's defi project officially announced its cooperation with moonbeam, a smart contract platform, to integrate the stable currency of equilibrium protocol into moonbeam ecosystem. At this point, the cooperation between the two sides will enable the Ethereum based defi agreement to bring their project to moonbeam, thus directly connecting equilibrium to the wider defi ecosystem.

MicroStrategy is building a team to explore bitcoin's data and Analytics products, according to Michael Saylor, MicroStrategy's chief executive.

According to the block on November 21, picklefinance, the defi agreement, lost nearly $20 million of Dai in a leak on Saturday. It is reported that the vulnerability exploits the daipjar strategy involving picklefinance (the strategy uses the compound protocol to obtain revenue through Dai deposits),

The voting of uniswap community's proposal to extend the liquidity mining ended at 4:00 this morning. In the end, 16.86 million uni supported the proposal, with a support rate of 97.68%. The proposal passed the first stage of tempcheck voting, and will enter the second stage in a few days. The proposal proposes to retain all liquid pools, extend mining time by two months, and reduce the uni award to half of its previous level.

Moreover, when MACDcme bitcoin futures expiry date index is running downward after crossing two lines, the energy of multiple services is also gradually strengthened. If the future market does not have the positive and negative information, it is likely to end this round of adjustment and open up a new market. At the same time, the rising trend of the middle and lower trajectory of Boll band is still good, which indicates that the long-term rising potential is still huge. However, in the 1-hour line, the range of shocks widened, the market bearish and bullish mood alternated, the trend did not appear a strong direction selection warning signal, the short-term market may be dominated by shocks. To sum up, short-term wait-and-see, long-term or long-term bull market, pay attention to the support of the 17000 integer level below the day, please pay attention to control the risk.

2. The performance of mainstream digital currencies is as follows: eth is tentatively 565.52usdt (+ 4.90%), XRP is tentatively at 0.4364usdt (- 3.15%), BCH is at 285.32usdt (- 4.00%), LTC is at 83.93usdt (- 1.07%), EOS is at 3.052usdt (- 2.60%), BSV is at 178.58usdt (- 7.18%).

Max Keiser, a Wall Street financial analyst and bitcoin supporter, tweeted today that bitcoin is launching a 51% attack on the global legal money supply. BTC's fiat money price will reach infinity, because the world's worthless fiat money will not survive.