Wright coins to Bitcoin

Wright coins to Bitcoin

SquareCrypto stated: We serve the Bitcoin community. SquareCrypto is the cryptocurrency department of the payment company Square founded by TwitterCEO Jack Dorsey. Jack Dorsey reposted a tweet from SquareCrypto member MilesSuter in response to the relationship between CashApp and SquareCrypto on Wright coins to BitcoinDecember 8, and agreed with the reply.

LuisBuenaventura: I think Indonesia is the most advanced country in Southeast Asia in terms of cryptocurrency. They conduct approximately $300 million in cryptocurrency transactions every month, and these transactions are mainly concentrated on an exchange called Indodax. Since I entered this field, this exchange has been in existence for at least 5-6 years. I think Indodax is the most important exchange institution in Southeast Asia. Thailand also has five cryptocurrency exchanges, and the local Monetary Authority (MonetaryAuthority) has issued temporary licenses to them, but as far as I know, none of them can reach the scale of Indodax.

1DAI=1USD. The price of DAI is guaranteed by Maker using a collateral and price aggregation system, which is managed by MKR token holders. The current market value of DAI is 400 million yuan, accounting for about 1.7%. Although mainstream exchanges such as Bitfinex, Bibox, and Gateio are launched, the daily transaction volume is only 1.86 million, which plays a relatively limited role.

I've seen people who enter the circle and are discouraged or even desperate to leave the circle. Basically, they are all people borrowing money + contract/leverage. Among them, there are many old leeks or even advanced players who have been in the circle for more than 2, 3 years. On 312, a friend I knew left the circle with a debt. Although it was only said on WeChat, it seemed to be able to see the bleak back and gloomy eyes.

But this does not prevent the acceptance of cryptocurrency by merchants in other countries around the world. According to Coinmap statistics, currently, a total of 13,207 merchants worldwide accept digital currency as a means of payment, and most of these merchants that accept digital currency payments are located in more developed countries and regions such as North America and the European Union.

P network took the lead in launching two potential forked currencies, BWright coins to BitcoinCHABC and BCHSV, and provided BCH splitting services. In the past, no matter which side you support, you can only fight with others in the group; now, the BCH in your hand can be exchanged for one of the potential fork coins on the P network. After the computing power war is over, the winning fork will become the real BCH, and the losing fork will be zero.

Bitcoin is a super commodity that combines economics, computer science, game theory, history, and cryptography. People often say that Satoshi Nakamoto deserves two of the most famous awards in the world: the Nobel Prize in Economics and the Turing Prize. You may be lucky enough to be someone who can access financial services, but there are still 2 billion people who do not have access to financial services. The biggest potential impact of Bitcoin is to serve these people and provide banking services to those who do not have bank accounts.